Aadhaar to use Face authentication

Aadhaar to use Face authentication

UIDAI is rolling out an additional feature to authenticate from its online identitiy platform. So far, Aadhaar APIs were authenticating biometrics using iris and fingerprints of an Aadhaar number holder. The biometric information along with other demographic details is captured in CIDR ( Central Identities Data Repository). The data is used by various government and non-governnment organization (Authenticating User Agencies) and as many as 1045 crore biometric transactions are carried out on daily basis.

“The Face Authentication feature shall be used in conjunction with other bio-metric authentication mechanism”

However, it has been found that some residents feel difficulty in authenticating through iris or fingerprints. At the time of enrollment, the photo of the face of resident is also captured. UIDAI is planning to leverage the photo as an additional means of authentication. The rationale is that the photo is already available in database and phone-camera are widely available so not much is required to be done. In conjunction with other biometric authentication, face authentication shall provide additional choice in establishing identity.

The feature is scheduled to be opened up for AUA (Authenticating User Agencies) by 01stJul 2018. AUAs shall undergo training and the feature can only be used by registered devices (RD). The RD service providers are required to integrate face capture SDK into their services.  

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