About Us

Government ICT projects are huge in scale, super complex, and have to cut across many levels to deliver. The multi-faceted aspects of challenges need to be addressed at several fronts by experts and decision makers. However, there are limitations to the silo model of working within contours of skills at hand within government. The ideas however to address the government needs are numerous and may be crowd sourced basis best practices, standards, innovation done outside or inside governments across the world.

E-GovSpace is a platform for e-governance enthusiasts, practitioners, and consultants. We believe that e-governance is key to achieving critical development goals for a nation. We are working with a mission to bring best practices in e-governance program implementations for government officials, institutions and consultants. The single focus we have is building a knowledge platform to simplify government services. In this respect, our community takes up landscape study, analysis of data, partnerships with enabling institutions and views from experts towards achieving e-governance goals.

We encourage you to engage with us towards nation building. Should you have any suggestion please contact us.