Assessment of strategic foundations of e-governance

Best practices in e-governance strengthening and monitoring from countries high on UN e-Governance Index.

E-governance programs are often complex and a multi-pronged strategic approach is required for ensuring their success. This involves laying foundation blocks, building capacity, reusing resources, assuring interoperability etc. At the same time it is critical that foundation blocks that are co-dependent are measured for their effectiveness and build upon each other’s strength so that significant improvements and outcomes may be achieved in government services. 

The framework approach developed in the paper may help departments and organizations in e-Governance consulting space to identify key areas that need to be strengthened and monitored for successful execution of e-Governance programs.

Assessment Framework with Key Performance Indicators for measurement and monitoring of:


  1. Government Services
  2. Infrastructure optimization and robustness
  3. Legislative Support for e-Governance programs
  4. Strength of Institutions for impactful administration
  5. Standards and Best Practices best suited to need of program
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation

Assessment of strategic foundations of e-Governance

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