Ranked: Indian States on Literacy Rate

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The state of Literacy in India is a key socio-economic indicator and the performance of Government. The Indian literacy rate has grown to 74% (2011 Census figure). The literacy rate at the end of British rule in 1947 was around 12%. Despite government programmes, India’s literacy rate increased only “sluggishly”. The 2011 census, indicated a 2001–2011 decadal literacy growth of 9.2%, which is slower than the growth seen during the previous decade. An old 1990 study estimated that it would take until 2060 for India to achieve universal literacy at then-current rate of progress.

“It seems that whatever technology interventions have so far been taken up in education have been insufficient to be disruptive enough.”

In the analysis indicated, data is sourced from Open Data portal. The analysis is available on our Github account.

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Some inferences drawn from the analysis:

1. Only 3 states have literacy rate more than 90%

2. Barring Andhra Pradesh, all south Indian states performed better in improving literacy-rate

3. There’s lot to be done in largely Hindi speaking belt

4. The literacy-rate rise was very good in the period 1970-1990

According to the World Bank, India falls in the 66.54- 81.05 percent range. However, the countries with the highest literacy rate, above 80 percent, are more than the countries with low or average education growth.


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