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At eGovSpace, we are consistently on the lookout for insightful and compelling stories which help drive the e-governance awareness and contribute towards Sustainable Development Goals. We are a network of professionals in the e-governance and technology space, and working towards making eGovSpace into the biggest network in this area. This is not possible without your support, as your knowledge and ideas will form the bedrock to deliver our long-term objective of promoting better implementation practices for a digital and democratic society. 


So come and join us as we embark on a journey to enhance inclusive progress and make each Nation a super digital society to reckon with.


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If you are a e-governance or technology professional, work with government, academician, consultant or have knowledge expertise on any of the subjects in the e-governance space, then eGovSpace needs you. We want to take your assessment & analysis and drive informed opinions. Write for us.

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eGovSpace will be your space to express your thoughts and ideas. But we are not just a website to publish and report. We want to sensitize the concerned folks on the job, and in the long run propose progressive e-governance initiative for the betterment of all. Join eGovSpace and contribute to community discussion.

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We welcome powerful analysis, which is condensed into consumable content for our readers in order to make them aware them on the opportunities, learning and challenges that exist from perspective of e-governance. With open data, you may conduct or request an analysis. Refer  Analysis section.